3 Keys To Stay On Track With Your Dreams After A Life Changing Event

3 Keys to Stay On Track With Your Dreams after a Life Changing Event

Women Entrepreneurs often feel pulled in various directions and have a hard time feeling connected and related to within their different circles. Life altering events often send women into “survival mode” where they begin to give up and get stuck in the story instead of pursuing their dreams. In this video Business & Success Coach Rebecca Matias gives you some useful tips on how to still “Get it Done” and achieve the results you desire.

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How to Eliminate “The Other Shoe is Going to Drop” Syndrome

How to Eliminate “The Other Shoe is Going to Drop” Syndrome
When you set a goal to achieve your hearts desire and things begin to “appear” as if that might not happen, do you fall into thinking the “other show will drop”? Do you give up on your goals and dreams at the 11th hour and buy into the fact that it wasn’t meant to be? It is your time to take a stand for accomplishing your goals and dreams no matter what! In this video Business & Success Coach, Rebecca Matias will give you some key steps to “Get It Done” like the Legendary Leader that you are.

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Focus On What You Want & Get Your Desired Results

Focus On What You Want & Get Your Desired Results
Focusing on what you want may sound simple, but the truth is most people spend more of their time placing their energy and attention on what they do NOT want. This video will give you the exact formula you need so you can change your focus and get more of what you really want and fast!

My Personal Journal Entry from the beginning of 2014:
Dearest Rebecca, Welcome to a NEW beginning. 2014 is going to be an EPIC year! You have the power to begin anew in each moment.  You are the power. You direct your thoughts and your thoughts become things.  You create your reality.  You can put anything you put your mind to Rebecca.  I see you, I know you, I believe in you.  You are exactly where you are meant to be.  You are a worldly miracle worker.  I knew you’d be up to really BIG GRAND things all along.  Never did I doubt you for a second.  You are fully eqiupped and capable to achieve and receive all the success that you desire.  You are never alone.  You are fully loved and supported in ways beyond measure.  Your essence is huge and very needed in the world.  The fullness of your presence is pure love.  You are an inspiration! Now go make this your BEST year ever!

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From Procrastination to Project Completion

From Procrastination to Project Completion

Do you have unfinished projects because you get distracted easily or procrastinate in getting it done? Join Rebecca Matias as she guides you to end procrastination so you can get your projects done and make more money and get more success.

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4 Steps to Becoming Financially Empowered

4 Steps to Becoming Financially Empowered

Women in the United States today are paid on average 77 cents for every dollar paid to men.  While it’s much improved in recent decades, there’s still a lot of necessary change before there’s equality in business.   The disempowerment of women financially has allowed for women’s success to be controlled, but that doesn’t mean you have to be victim. There are ways to take control over your success and empower yourself financially. Here’s how:

1.  Ask for help when you need it

My biggest fear my whole life was not being able to take care of myself and I would have to depend on a man financially.  We, as women, have to get out of the mindset that asking for help is a sign of weakness; that we can’t handle whatever situation we’re presented with. Asking for help is a sign of power.  It shows that you’re self-aware and honest about where you are in your life and business.  You’re not concerned with how people perceive you because you know what you want, and asking for support when you need it is a way of reaching your goals. The best part about this is the aspect of paying it forward. If women support each other more often and openly, we can work together to raise our status in the business world- not step on each other.

2.  Get a personal development coach

If you’re not working directly with a life or business coach, you’re missing out on a lot of key insights and reflection.  Someone looking at your life and business from a birds eye view can do wonders for your own outlook and give you a fresh perspective, helping you evaluate your goals and decisions objectively.  This forces you to be responsible for your emotions and to address the areas in your life and business that need work so you can have a level emotional state.  The key to being financially empowered is having emotional consistency.  You can’t make rational, logical decisions when you’re seeing red.  When someone’s negative energy comes your way, make the choice to spin that straw into gold. Turn the experience into a learning opportunity so you can rise above the situation and come out the other side more empowered in your own decisions.

3.  Change your money perspective

The charge of money is what you project onto it.  If you see wealthy people as stuck up, greedy, and pompous, you will subconsciously avoid money in the attempt to distance yourself from being like them.  Invest in yourself by creating habits that will foster success.  Think of all the people you admire- what are their best qualities?  How do you think they became that way? Try to mimic those characteristics in your own life and you’ll be amazed at your enlightened perspective that attracts more wealth.

4.  De-clutter your money

Think of it like organizing your house.  The more you throw this here and that there, the less you care where anything goes.  You know you have a bunch of stuff but what exactly do you have? Just like with money. Take control and interest in your funds by organizing them. If you pay attention to money, money will pay attention to you.  You must have an organized system for business and personal money separate that works, allowing you to know the exact amount of disposable income you have at any given moment.  This will give you a better understanding of where you can afford to expand your business or invest in something that will create more profits in the future.

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